APMP Pacific Northwest Chapter Scholarships

APMP Pacific Northwest Chapter has TWO
Scholarship Opportunities!

In case you haven’t heard, the Pacific Northwest Chapter participated in the APMP “15 for 12” Chapter Growth promotion at the end of 2019.


As part of our prize package, we are able to offer TWO conference registrations this year. Here’s the scoop…


Opportunity #1: Our 4th Annual Lee Hendrickson "Gentle Giant" Scholarship - valued at $950.00

Lee Hendrickson, APMP PNW Chapter Founder

Lee Hendrickson founded the Pacific Northwest (PNW) chapter in 2009 and was a champion in our industry; a man known amongst our tribe as a gentle giant. He was a leader, a fellow, a mentor, and a professional committed to excellence and service. Rick Harris, Executive Director, APMP, shares, "So many of us experienced Lee’s legacy and passion for business excellence and sharing his knowledge with others. He readily served as a mentor to the membership, routinely providing support and wisdom to everyone.”

To recognize Lee and ensure his legacy lives on within APMP forever, the PNW chapter instituted in 2017 The Lee Hendrickson “Gentle Giant” Scholarship, which is intended to recognize an industry professional who, like Lee, has a passion for business excellence and influencing proposal professionals. In line with Lee’s drive for continuing education and development, we will be gifting one of our chapter members with the opportunity to advance their own skills through the hands-on education and networking opportunities presented at the 2020 APMP Bid & Proposal Conference.

This year’s conference is taking place May 17-20 in Nashville, Tennessee. The winner will have his/her three-day registration fee paid for by the scholarship. The selected chapter member will be responsible for all other expenses (travel, hotel, meals outside of the conference, etc.). We ask only one thing of you, if you win: be our eyes and ears on the ground and commit to sharing your conference experience with those chapter members unable to attend this year’s conference. This can be as simple as attending one of our Coffee Talk sessions and writing a spotlight article for our monthly newsletter, or being creative and filling our chapter member’s social media feeds with real-time updates and #gentlegiant hashtags.
So don't delay; submit your application today for the Lee Hendrickson “Gentle Giant” Scholarship!


Eligibility Requirements:
In order to be eligible for award, you must be a member of the PNW chapter and submit an application for consideration. The application includes a 500-word essay outlining:

  1. How you exhibit in your daily proposal profession efforts, the characteristics that personify Lee’s traits of passion for business excellence;
  2. How attending the APMP Bid & Proposal Con will benefit you both personally and professionally.
Deadline for submittals will be 5:00 P.M. Friday, March 06, 2020, by email to: communications@apmp-pacificnw.org. Submissions will be reviewed by the PNW Chapter board members and the winner will be announced in March 2020. So, “Be like Lee” and plan to submit an application for 2020 today!

Opportunity #2: Become an APMP Pacific Northwest Regional Ambassador and get your name in a short-listed drawing - valued at $950.00 for a Bid & Proposal Conference registration also!

The Regional Ambassador is a volunteer position to facilitate networking and social events to enhance member experience and grow membership.

As an Ambassador for the PNW Chapter, you will:

  • Build community among APMP members in your local area
  • Relate information regarding APMP's resources and benefits
  • Facilitate networking and other face-to-face interactions (planned and coordinated by the Events chair)

Anyone interested in joining the Regional Ambassador Program should feel comfortable engaging with members. Ambassadors must be PNW Chapter members in good standing.

Ambassadors will receive an initial briefing from the Board of Directors to understanding their responsibilities and resources available to them.

Each Ambassador will be paired with a Board member for any questions or guidance needed.

  • Facilitate face-to-face meetings and events in specific geographic regions of the PNW Chapter
  • Coordinate with Events Chair and local Board contact as appropriate
  • Provide local support and act as a resource for the Chapter
  • Provide photos and short briefing from events to Marketing Chair


  • CEUs (5) - contributing content
  • Listed on PNW Chapter website
Deadline for submittals will be 5:00 P.M. Friday, March 06, 2020. Please submit your name, location, and commitment to serve in the role for a 2-year term by email to: communications@apmp-pacificnw.org. Submissions will be reviewed by the PNW Chapter board members and the winner will be announced in March 2020. Be an Ambassador and plan to submit an application for 2020 today!
--PNW APMP Board

Past Certification Scholarships

The scholarship is established to support a member of the Pacific-Northwest APMP Chapter to complete a level of APMP certification. The chapter will pay the fee for a qualified member to complete the test to gain certification.
In support of our association, it will be important that the recipient demonstrate how he/she will promote their certification and use it to further the awareness of our profession and help establish the reasons why this process is important for all practitioners.
Stay tuned for details on the application period for 2019.
2018 winner...Chalene Macon


Mentorship Program

APMP provides a mentorship program to guide you through your APMP certification process. Click here to learn about the program and find a mentor.


APMP Membership

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